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New Nubian Twist


Club is a Hair Braiding Shop at 3613 saint Barnabas Rd in Suitland Maryland. Although we are a membership based braids shop, Hair Braiding Club braids hair for non-members too. As a hair braiding club member you get the best braids an African Hair Braiding Shop has to offer and you get that at one flat rate. In fact you get more than what you pay for and the work is guaranteed. We offer a professional environment with professional services and the value is undisputed. We specialize in African hair braiding styles with or without extensions, grooming natural hair, lock start up and maintenance, exceptional hair weaves and many other unique techniques. You can choose from a variety of styles including but not limited to: African twist, Corn rows, Conrow-twist, Flat Twist, Fluffy Twist, Goddess Braids, Micro braids, French Braids, Human Hair Twist, Individual braids, Kinky Twist, Kinky Locks, Lock Extensions, Nubi Nubi, Nubian Natural, Nubian Silk, Pixie Braids, Senegalese Twist, Spring Twist, Zat Twist, Sew-in Weaves, Interlock braids, Lacing braids, Casamance, feed-in Cornrows, New Bomb twist, Nubian Twist, tree braiding.

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